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November 2019
Category: Main Course  Gluten Free  

This dish reminds me of my childhood. Good old fashioned casserole comfort food! The perfect dinner for a weeknight!

October 2019
Category: Dairy Free  Gluten Free  Desserts  Main Course  

October has arrived and let's be honest, it is all about the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes!

As delicious as they are, they are not the best choice if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. This chia pudding recipe is your solution! Not only do I love chia pudding for my low carb days, but this will give you your pumpkin spice fix in all the right ways!

September 2019
Category: Side Dish  Gluten Free  

While I am not a big fan of dairy I do enjoy a biscuit every now and then and this recipe is delicious!
We make these on the regular for our gluten free clients. Enjoy them with a side of chili on a cool Fall night.

August 2019
Category: Gluten Free  Paleo  Main Course  

If you are looking for a simple Summer dinner, this is it! Perfect dish for low carb days and comes together in minutes. 

July 2019
Category: Main Course  Paleo  Gluten Free  Dairy Free  

A simple recipe but packed with a punch! I love salmon, as it cooks up so quickly. This dish pairs well with roasted veggies, basmati rice or cauliflower rice to keep it low carb. 

June 2019
Category: Appetizers  Side Dish  Gluten Free  Dairy Free  

Summer is here, which means BBQ's! Next pot luck you are invited to bring this recipe. Meatballs are so easy to batch up and are always a hit! 

May 2019
Category: Desserts  Paleo  Gluten Free  Dairy Free  

As Summer approaches I start to think about trips to Dairy Queen and then I also start to think about wearing short and tanks and realize if I want to feel my best through Summer ice cream isn't the answer. This recipe is your solution! Completely dairy free and refined sugar free you can enjoy and still feel your best! 

December 2018
Category: Appetizers  Gluten Free  

Who doesn't love a dip at a Holiday party? Buffalo chicken move over for butter chicken instead! 

Our clients love our butter chicken meatballs and so we created a dip to equally satisfy your Indian cravings. 

November 2018
Category: Desserts  Paleo  Gluten Free  Dairy Free  

As the holiday season approaches I can't  help but look for new sweet treat recipes that fit my gluten free and dairy free lifestyle. This one is Keto approved and decadent! 

October 2018
Category: Dairy Free  Gluten Free  Side Dish  

Tired of the same old boring broccoli? This will entice you to eat this delicious vegetable again! 

August 2018
Category: Main Course  Gluten Free  Dairy Free  

I am addicted to rice noodles and absolutely LOVE making Thai food! This dish was off the hook delicious! To save a little time use a store-bought green curry paste but I highly recommend making mine! 

June 2018
Category: Appetizers  Main Course  Paleo  Gluten Free  Dairy Free  

Summer has arrived and that means BBQing! This is a great recipe rain or shine and perfect for the upcoming Canada Day holiday. The sweetness from the fruit offsets the bold spicy jerk flavors. Not into spice? Just eliminate the jalapeno. 

June 2018
Category: Main Course  Gluten Free  Dairy Free  

This dish was to die for and so easy to make. I love that I can incorporate lentils and mango back into my diet, two things I never ate for the fear of the dreaded word "carb". I fear no more and my body is thriving because of it! 


May 2018
Category: Main Course  Gluten Free  Dairy Free  

This creation came from the need to use what I had in my fridge and turned out so amazing I wrote it down! 

A great one pot wonder full of flavor and a great balance of proetin, fat and carbs! 

April 2018
Category: Dairy Free  Gluten Free  Main Course  

I am obsessed with rice noodles! This Pad Thai is a favourite in our house, a dish we literally have every week! It pulls together quickly and is packed full of flavour! 

March 2018
Category: Dairy Free  Gluten Free  Paleo  Main Course  

These are not only delicious but simple! A perfect breakfast for a carb up day! No need to add syrup when you have all the natural sugar from the bananas! If you would like to eat pancakes AND lose weight head to my "A healthier you" page! 

February 2018
Category: Dairy Free  Gluten Free  Main Course  

A hearty soup for a cold winter day! I was craving minestrone but as we don't eat pasta I chose for all my carbs to come from the vegetables instead. This dish pulls together quickly and is so comforting on a cold winter day! 

January 2018
Category: Side Dish  Gluten Free  Dairy Free  

If you are tired of plain old boring rice this recipe is for you! Serve it with my Marinated Salmon with Asian Chili Sauce recipe to spice up your life! 

December 2017
Category: Main Course  Paleo  Gluten Free  Dairy Free  

If you are looking for a unique way to eat more fish and encourage your kiddos to as well, this Salmon Meatball recipe is not only simple but delicious! Serve it over a bed of Zucchini Noodles and you have a healthy meal in moments! 

November 2017
Category: Gluten Free  Main Course  

Meatloaf has always been a comfort dish but stuffing it with mashed potatoes takes it up to a whole new level! If you are OK with indulging in a bit of dairy this is a recipe your whole family will love! 

October 2017
Category: Main Course  Gluten Free  

As the winter weather approaches this is a great weeknight dinner, pulling together in under 20 minutes and will definitely warm you up with a spicy kick! 

September 2017
Category: Dairy Free  Gluten Free  Paleo  Desserts  

These tasty energy balls are full of flavour and free of peanuts! This was a recent recipe we made for a wedding to fuel the girls as they were all getting ready for the Brides big day! 

August 2017
Category: Gluten Free  Main Course  

If you haven't heard, this once Paleo girl has embraced carbs again, gluten free carbs that is and my body is loving it! This is a delicious and simple recipe, packed with flavour! Healthy complex carbohydrates from the sweet potato and quinoa make this one pot dish one of my new faves! 

July 2017
Category: Dairy Free  Gluten Free  Paleo  Main Course  Appetizers  

This is a fantastic recipe for those hot Summer nights when you want a simple and light dinner! Easily served as an appetizer as well. 

June 2017
Category: Dairy Free  Gluten Free  Paleo  Main Course  

This recipe has been in my repetoir for nearly 20 years! It is one I always reach for when I need a quick yet flavourful chili. It doesn't hurt that it is so inexpensive to make as well!