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Protein Cookies
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Convenience Kits!

So, why protein cookies? First I’m a sucker for a cookie, it’s my one guilty pleasure AND protein is extremely important to me and tends to be the most difficult macro nutrient for women specifically to eat enough of.

So many people think carbs are the problem but actually fat and protein are generally why you aren’t seeing results in your fitness and nutrition journey.

Most women are under consuming protein and over consuming fat and don’t realize it. This is why I’m working on a having a better balanced nutritional content without sacrificing taste!

Freshly Baked

We offer 3 flavours of delicious protein cookies for freshly baked orders. $2.95/ each with minimum orders of 6.

Snickerdoodle – rolled in cinnamon sugar for a sweet finish!

White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut – Filled with sweet white chocolate and macadamia nuts

Chocolate Chip – Made with milk and dark chocolate chips!

Convenience Kits

It’s a fun and simple way to bake a healthy treat for you and your family. Pick up your kits today for only $19.95 each.

Try all 3 flavours for only $50.00!

Keep your cookie jar and freezer full of protein packed, gluten free cookies, so that you can have a treat without the cheat whenever you want!

*Not baked in a gluten free kitchen*