Introducing HelloAmino

Protein Baking Mixes

As a Chef for 14 years, it was only after getting into the fitness industry 5 years ago that I realized the struggle to eat enough protein, especially for women. After reaching for one too many packaged protein items that were overpriced, had awful ingredients, and taste I thought I could do better. As I was already living a gluten free lifestyle I decided to branch out of my savory side and see if I could create a delicious gluten free cookie packed with protein.

After many iterations I felt confident enough in my cookies to release them to the public. I soon realized that more and more people were enjoying baking at home and as I wanted to do more than cookies, I decided to go with a baking mix concept and expand my product line to include protein pancakes and muffins too!

I hope you enjoy my protein treats as much as I do!


Protein Packed and
Gluten Free!

It’s a fun and simple way to bake a healthy treat for you and your family. Pick up your baking mixes today for only $19.95 each.

Try all 3 flavours and get FREE delivery!

Keep your cookie jar and freezer full of protein packed, gluten free cookies, so that you can have a treat without the cheat whenever you want!

We currently offer 2 signature flavours of delicious protein cookie mixes.

Snickerdoodle – A customer favorite! Rolled in cinnamon sugar for a sweet finish that takes me back to my childhood

Chocolate Chip – Made with milk and dark chocolate chips, the perfect combination to this classic cookie!

Protein Pancakes

These fluffy gluten free (but you would never know it) protein pancakes are so good they don’t even need syrup!

Packed with a whopping 31g of protein per serving, you can enjoy these any day of the week.

We currently offer two flavours, maple and blueberry.

To see our full product line and to order visit our Etsy Shop!

*Not baked in a gluten free kitchen*