How affordable is it?

With the cost of groceries in Calgary many people are surprised with how economical our services are. With prices starting as low as *$14/person,  the average working couple can easily afford a Personal Chef for their family. Add in the value of your time, and our services have become just as common as a house keeper.


Personal Chef Service All Inclusive Prices

Two weeks of evening meals:
Five entrees x two portions per person = 10 customized meals

Service forPortionsPrice
2 20 $495
3 (Ideal for a family of four w/ children under 10) 30 $595
4 40 $695
5 50 $795

Prices do not include GST; Organic Service available at an additional cost

*Based on a family of 4 using our budget service. 


Looking for a gift? Five delicious recipes made to two servings. Give the gift of dinner for a week for $300.

On a budget?

We understand the need for a budget and so Simply Gourmet is now offering a NEW Personal Chef option!

Introducing our master menu! This menu is full of our client faves and will still offer a variety of gluten free and dairy free options. They are all recipes we know well, which saves on time, and they are so delicious we are confident you won't tire of them! 

You will have our master menu to choose from each and every service you decide to order. We still allow for 5 dishes, which are made fresh each week of delivery. There is absolutely no requirement to order every 2 weeks, you choose your frequency.

To gain access to our master list and to find out how you can save up to 20% off our regular services, Contact us today! 

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