Living well means eating well!

In March 2012 I eliminated all sugar from my diet and embraced the Paleo lifestyle. I witnessed my body transform in a mere 2 months, dropping 3 dress sizes and losing over 30 lbs.

Fast forward to January 2017 and I was starting to see and feel a plateau in my body and fitness goals. I had been lifting heavy and eating low carb for 5 years and felt like I was no longer moving forward. My hormones were totally out of whack and I coudln't figure out what to do.

It was then that I discovered a new program that paired exercise with nutrition. And after just 6 weeks, it not only changed my body, but the way I looked at nutrition!

I achieved amazing results, but better yet, I saw a further way for me to help people to eat well and fuel their bodies. So when the opportunity arose to become a certified coach I jumped at it! 

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is the premier digital and fitness program on the market today. Over 6 weeks I will coach you through; how to eat the right foods, for the right reasons, at the right times, to turn your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner.

This includes carb cycling, (YEP this low carb girl has embraced carbs again and my body is happier for it!), intermittent fasting, counting macronutrients and effective and efficient workouts that can be done at home or in the gym! 

I have found a program that is truly sustainable and has achieved results for thousands of woman no matter their age or weight loss goals. 

As a chef of 12 years it is truly my passion to help people eat well, however through becoming a FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach, I have found a new purpose in life. To help woman understand that eating LESS, isn't the answer.

Here is what you get when you join the FASTer Way for only $199

  • Online portal that is easily accessed on your phone.
  • At home, gym and low impact workouts.
  • 6 weeks of accountability and support through a private Facebook group.
  • Weekly meal plan, including grocery lists.
  • One on one coaching with myself.
  • More delicious recipes posted weekly!

If you are ready to put your health first and feel the BEST version of yourself click here for more information or send me an email to arrange a private chat about how the FASTer Way works.

My next round starts Jan 6th! If you are ready to join and receive immediate access to the program click here