Personal Chef Services

Ever find that by the time you get home from work or the gym, cook and eat dinner that it's time for bed? What happened to a little rest and relaxation? Or time spent with your children or spouse?

Our Personal Chef Services gives you back 15+ hours a week of quality time to spend how you like. No more wondering ‘what's for dinner?’ You arrive home from work and within 30 minutes you and your family can sit down to enjoy a home-cooked meal that has been prepared especially for you. Having a Personal Chef takes the stress out of dinner time!

Here is how it works…

A food consultation determines your food preferences and dietary needs to allow us to create a customized menu for you to choose from. We prepare all of your meals off site in an AHS approved commercial kitchen. Deliveries are generally scheduled on Thursday's, where two weeks of evening meals will be delivered, stored and labeled in your fridge and freezer for you to enjoy!

We create a customized menu using only the freshest ingredients. Menu planning, shopping and cooking are taken care of leaving you with enough evening meals for 2 weeks! We deliver the same quality as you expect when dining out at a lower cost.

  • No more tasteless ready-made meals full of preservatives and high in sodium
  • No more wasting food (especially produce) bought with the intention of cooking but not having the time
  • No more standing in long lines at the supermarket every night after work
  • No more endless dishes to clean after slaving over a hot oven
  • Convenient service with off site cooking, no need to be home or reorganize your schedule

Are you Celiac, Gluten/Dairy intolerant or simply trying to eat healthier but struggle in the kitchen? Simply Gourmet specializes in Gluten Free, Diary Free, Paleo & Weight Watchers Diets.


Affordable pricing means you can take back your week.

Sample Menus

From family-style comfort food to gourmet cuisine, my menus are tailored to your needs.