Living well means eating well!

I eliminated wheat from my diet in October 2011 and then switched over to a Paleo lifestyle as of March 2012. I witnessed my body transform in a mere 2 months, dropping 3 dress sizes and losing over 30 lbs. I have never felt healthier or better about my body and completely attribute it to the way I eat.

I now want to take my experience and expertise and teach others how to cook and eat this way. First and foremost to feel healthy but also to help people lose weight and feel happier about their bodies.

Whether you want to go gluten free, sugar free or follow a Paleo lifestyle I can show you how to easily cook this way and never feel deprived. Invite your friends over for a glass of wine and an evening of cooking and dining. Everyone walks away with new recipes and the skills and knowledge on how to cook up to three new recipes. If you are interested in simply new family friendly meals, the latest in Haute Cuisine or new appetizers we can do that too!

Prices starting at as little as $65/person for a group of 10.

Want to do it on your own? Here is a fantastic article about trasitioning to Paleo.

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