Monthly Recipes

As a Chef my greatest pleasure is sharing my food with others, so each month I will choose a recipe that you can easily make yourself. I am a big believer in cooking seasonally so as the seasons change, so will the recipes.


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October 2013
Category: Gluten Free  Paleo  Desserts  

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I find myself craving Pumpkin Pie. Here is a great alternative to indulge in without the sugar, gluten and dairy!

September 2013
Category: Gluten Free  Paleo  Desserts  

This is by far the best banana bread I have ever had, gluten laden or otherwise! No one will know that it is sugar free, dairy free and gluten free. Indulge guilt free! Chalk full of protein this is a post workout favorite for my boyfriend.

August 2013
Category: Gluten Free  Main Course  Paleo  

With the heat of Summer finally upon us I am all about outdoor cooking! Here is a great marinade to take an inexpensive cut and make it gourmet!

July 2013
Category: Appetizers  

This is a huge hit at my cocktail parties! Easy, elegant and tasty! Plus it can be made with gluten free pasta with equally yummy results!

June 2013
Category: Gluten Free  Appetizers  

With Summer upon us I love the freshness of fennel & orange paired with a beautiful seared scallop. A light dish that feels indulgant!


May 2013
Category: Gluten Free  Main Course  

With Mother's Day this month I wanted to pay homage to my Mom and give you a recipe that she would love. Pasta is one of her favorite dishes! Love you Mom xo