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Almond Roca

December 2012
Category: Gluten Free  Desserts  

Caramel and Toffee can be tricky so please read the entire recipe AND the tips at the bottom before you start.

Almond Roca

Makes half a cookie sheet


1 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

1 Tbsp light corn syrup

1/2 lb butter (2 sticks - NO substitutes!)

1 ½ Cups slivered almonds

7 oz of regular Hershey's dark chocolate


Melt butter with sugar, syrup and water in medium saucepan on medium low temperature. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon. When butter is melted, turn up the heat to medium-high. When mixture comes to a rolling boil, set your timer for a minimum of 10 minutes and keep stirring (no more than 15 minutes). The mixture will thicken, pull away from the pan and turn darker in color. Keep stirring and cooking until you see amber caramel ribbons come through. Test for doneness by take a small sample on a spoon and put in an ice cold glass of water. Let stand a few seconds and then test for a crisp NOT chewy texture. All the while DO NOT stop stirring! If it is hard, it is done. Quickly take off the heat, add the almonds and stir. Pour onto a baking sheet and spread out with wooden spoon. Scatter chocolate on top, wait a minute and then spread with a fork. Let cool for a good few hours before breaking into pieces once chocolate has set. 


Use an inexpensive chocolate such as Hershey's. It has low cocoa butter content. If you use a premium chocolate with a high cocoa butter content cocoa butter may separate into white streaks as the melted chocolate cools.

Use a medium size heavy saucepan not a large one.

Do NOT stop stirring the entire time.

Do not attempt to make this on a humid or rainy day.

Do not double the recipe, make one batch at a time.

Have all of your ingredients ready at hand, including a glass of ice water and spoon to test for doneness.

When stirring use both a circular and a figure eight method. This will allow the mixture to blend better. I would stir in figure eights for awhile and then go to a circular stir for a while.

Do NOT touch/scrape the sides of the pot. It will bring potential sugar crystals into the rest of the mixture.

Be careful! This mixture is HOT. Ensure you don’t get splashed with the toffee.


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